PaperAchieving the Global Goal on AdaptationWater, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH)

Water Supply, Sanitation & Hygiene briefing to COP28 Delegation

This briefing, from Sanitation and Water for All, is structured among the three key tracks of climate negotiations at COP28: 1) Adaptation-Resilience; 2) Mitigation; 3) Climate Financing. It provides key insights on water supply, sanitation and hygiene across those three tracks for the benefit of COP28 country delegations. Its primary expected audience is water, sanitation, hygiene and health partners that are part of COP28 preparations and/or willing to brief climate counterparts and negotiators involved in COP28 discussions and negotiations.

The first Global Stocktake of the implementation of the Paris Agreement will conclude at COP 28. Each stocktake is a two-year process that happens every five years, with the aim of assessing the world’s collective progress towards achieving its climate goals (i.e., keeping the global temperature increase below 1.5 C, and progressing towards a Global Goal on Adaptation). This first Global Stocktake takes place at the mid-point in the implementation of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and its SDGs, including Goal 13 (climate action). There are clear impacts of climate change on water-sanitation-hygiene services exposing vulnerable populations, but there are also huge opportunities to contribute to global mitigation and adaptation goals by building a low carbon and climate resilient water and sanitation sector.


Water Supply, Sanitation & Hygiene briefing to COP28 Delegation




Nov 10, 2023

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