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Water Community comes together around GGA Targets for water

At COP28, Parties adopted the UAE Framework for Global Climate Resilience or Global Goal on Adaptation (GGA), as part of the UAE Consensus, including a range of thematic and dimensional targets for climate adaptation and resilience, with importantly four targets relating to water and sanitation.

Sanitation and Water for All

The decision included the launching of a two-year UAE – Belém work programme on indicators for measuring progress achieved towards the targets. At the same time, Parties and Observers were invited to submit by 31 March 3 2024 views on the development of indicators and quantified elements for the GGA targets, as well as views on modalities of the UAE – Belém work programme.


Sanitation and Water for All (SWA) Partnership, with inputs from some UN-Water Members and Partners, including SIWI with other Core Partners of the Water for Climate Pavilion, prepared a submission describing existing definitions and initial considerations for each of the water elements.


SWA´s CEO Catarina de Albuquerque highlights the importance of addressing climate change as the departure point  for all the work that the SWA partnership does both at global and national levels.

" The only viable future is one in which climate resilience is a central pillar. The water community, including those working on water and sanitation, have the power to lead by example in protecting both people and planet. "

Catarina de Albuquerque, CEO, SWA

José Gesti, Senior Adviser, Climate Action SWA, highlighted the important function of the submission and the collective action behind it:


When the voices of the water community come together, climate negotiators understand us better. Uniting our voices has been a key to success in getting water and sanitation clearly reflected in the new Global Goal on Adaptation targets. We need to build on this momentum to continue in a united way and to raise our hands in support to Parties to the Paris Agreement, putting our diverse water community at the forefront of global adaptation.

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