DebateScaling Up: Systems approaches for climate and water management

Young Professionals’ Debate: Shaping the Future

A highlight of the Water Pavilion, the Young Water Professionals’ debate will be a lively discussion between our enthusiastic future leaders and recognized senior experts.


December 8, 11:00 - 12:00

Debate: This house believes that traditional methods aren’t working, and we need to rapidly switch to drastic new strategies for climate and water management


Moderator: Michael John Webster, World Bank

Team for the motion

  • John Matthews, Executive Director, Alliance for Global Water Adaptation
  • Silvia Caprara, Young Farmer, World Farmers’ Organisation
  • Lance Gore, Principal Water Resources Specialist, Agriculture, Food, Nature, and Rural Development Sector Office, Sectors Group, Asian Development Bank
  • Ruth Katui Nguma 


Team against the motion

  • Juliet Willetts , Professor and Research Director, University of Technology Sydney
  • Pan Ei Ei Phyoe, YWP, COP28 Youth Delegate for Myanmar, AGWA, Oxford PhD candidate
  • Shuchi Vora
  • David Gonzales, Policy Officer, Global Resilience Partnership
  • Nilay Dogulu