Panel discussionWater for Net-Zero

Enabling a resilient clean energy transition

This session will showcase new research and demonstrate the value of mainstreaming water in energy planning, highlighting key risks and opportunities for resilient low-emission energy development. This will include renewable energy sources and green hydrogen.


December 9, 10:30 - 11:30

Participants gain an understanding of the implications of the energy transition on water demand, availability, and management.  

Moderator: Josh Weinberg, Senior Policy Advisor, Alliance for Global Water Adaptation


  • Ms. Carla Frisch, Director, Office of Policy, United States Department of Energy
  • Mr. Jamshed Shoimzoda, First Deputy Minister of Energy and Water Resources, Tajikistan
  • Ms. Jinsun Lim, International Energy Agency (IEA). Energy and Environment Policy Analyst
  • Dr. Anil Mishra, UNESCO, Chief, Division of Water Sciences
  • Mr. Rod Naylor, Global Water Lead, GHD
  • Mr. Yong-hwan Kim, General Manager, K-water

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