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Unlocking Voluntary Carbon Market Investment in Resilient Water Systems: A High-Impact Dialogue

This 75-minute hybrid session, hosted by the Resilient Water Accelerator in collaboration with the WaterAid, VCMI, Gold Standard, and Sustainable Markets Initiative will explore how VCMs can catalyse finance for resilient water systems, yielding a double, or even a triple, win for carbon mitigation, ecosystem protection, and poverty reduction.


December 3, 17:00 - 18:15


In this session we will be sharing the early findings of analysis by Castalia and UC Boulder which is already revealing huge potential carbon reduction if the global water sector met its obligations under the Sustainable Development Goals, improved efficiency, and adopting green technology.

Amidst the urgency to address water security and bolster climate resilience in emerging economies, our event endeavours to catalyse discussion and action towards harnessing a financing solution that also delivers the environmental benefits we need to see.



Opening Session

  • Welcome and event overview.
  • Context-setting on VCMs and carbon credits.


Keynote Address (25 minutes)

  • UC Boulder and Castalia deliver initial findings of their ground-breaking analysis on the potential of VCMs in financing resilient water systems.


Audience Engagement (40 minutes):

  • Interactive Q&A with audience views welcome.
  • Discussion on challenges and solutions.


Concluding Session (5 minutes)

  • Recap and acknowledgment of VCMs in water system financing.
  • Announcement of next steps



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