Locally-Led Adaptation: Best practices and polycentric governance


UN 2023 Water Action Agenda: A Water Smart Journey to COP28

The objective of this short talk show session is to trace the UN-Water Action Agenda using the locally-led adaptation perspective to emphasize the role of the public policy and international development actors in promoting, adopting and implementing the locally-led adaptations.


December 5, 15:30 - 17:00 | Pavilion

It also aims to specifically focus on the economic actors’s role and barriers in developing and deploying water-smart innovation and technology that are affordable and scaleable to contribute to building water-resilient cities. Lastly, it aims to highlight partnership between different stakeholders and collaboration opportunities between different economic sectors to implement the UN Water Action Agenda.

Moderator:  Durk Krol, Executive Director, Water Europe 


  • Jan Svärd, CEO, EasyMining
  • Meike van Ginneken, Water Envoy, Government of the Netherlands