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Launch of the Human Climate Horizons data platform

In lead-up to COP28, the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and the Climate Impact Lab (CIL) are set to unveil an expanded version of the Human Climate Horizons data platform (HCH).


December 10, 10:15 - 11:00 | Pavilion

The release will feature a groundbreaking set of new indicators and insights, specifically addressing sea-level rise hazards and their implications for human development and security. The scope includes populations and communities exposed to these risks, along with the extent of coastal land affected by expanded floodplains.


Human Climate Horizons provides localized information on the future impacts of climate change across several dimensions of human development. Operating as an open-access and scalable digital public good, HCH acts as a window to possible futures, drawing from an evolving stream of multidisciplinary frontier research. HCH covers all countries and territories, encompassing more than 24,000 regions worldwide. It sheds light on the implications for our collective future, reveals vast inequalities within and between countries, and pinpoints areas where the risks of unmitigated climate change are most severe.


The event will highlight key findings and insights that have the potential to influence policy and inspire action.


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