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Innovate & Engage: Water & Climate Mingle

This breakfast mingle opens TD4: the knowledge, technology and innovation day at the COP28 Water Pavilion. It is a chance to network and explore game-changing innovations with water and climate professionals, and those from wider sectors.


December 2, 09:30 - 10:30

Keynote: H.E Prof. Hani Sewilam, Minister for Water Resources and Irrigation, Gov of Egypt. 

  • View of the day: Louise Ellis, Arup. 

Innovation bursts:

  • Karen St. Germain, OpenET, NASA 
  • Lucy Almond, Nature4Climate Director, TNC 
  • Noemi Florea, Innovation30: Young Climate Innovators 
  • Martin Shouler, TerrAIn, Arup 
  • Praveena Sridhar, WASH Basins, Frank Water India [hold] 
  • Dr Nandan Mukherjee, Floating Homes, C3ER