SessionScaling Up: Systems approaches for climate and water management

High-level concluding session

The closing session will revisit the integration of climate resilient water management and circular economy strategies to enhance sustainability in municipal, industrial, and agricultural water use


December 8, 16:15 - 17:00

Moderator: Mr. Abou Amani, Director of the Division of Water Sciences and Secretary, UNESCO-IHP


Panel discussion

  • Fernando Gomez, Head of Resource Systems and Resilience, World Economic Forum
  • Rupali Mehra, Chief Marketing Officer, Spowdi
  • Jai Shroff, Chairman and Group CEO, UPL Ltd.
  • Sachin Bhoite, Global Director of Climate Resilience, C40 Cities
  • Kaswer Ahmed, Secretary, General Economic Division of Planning Commission, Govt of Bangladesh


Key takeaways

  • Lidia Brito, Assistant Director General of Natural Sciences, UNESCO 
  • Qingfeng Zhang, Senior Director, Agriculture, Food, Nature, and Rural Development, ADB 
  • Michael John Webster, Program Manager, 2030 Water Resources Group, World Bank Water