Panel discussionWatering the NDCs and NAPs

Flowing Together: Integrating Freshwater in NDCs and NAPs

This session will be an opportunity to dive deeper into the questions surrounding how to ensure strong integration of water resources and freshwater ecosystems into national climate planning efforts.


December 3, 12:00 - 13:30

Moderator: Alvin Chandra, UNEP, Global Coordinator for Adaptation Policy and Partnerships



  • Danielle Frank (indigenous youth water defender, Klamath River; Board Member, Rios to Rivers)
  • Professor Ainun Nishat (Centre for Climate Change and Environmental Research (C3ER), BRAC University)
  • Valerie Hickey (World Bank, Global Director of Environment, Natural Resources and Blue Economy)
  • Emily Weeks (USAID, Senior Policy Advisor in the Bureau of Resilience Environment and Food Security)
  • Amir Said M’zé (Think Green, youth representative, Madagascar)
  • Government of Gabon
  • Government of Pakistan
  • Corporate partner (TBD)

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