TED TalkClimate Finance

Bridging the investment gap : fetching financing sources

The objective of this workshop is to enhance the understanding of potential sources of financing, identify required support and discuss the way forward to tap into these sources.


December 11, 10:45 - 12:30

Key Messages

Traditional funding sources for water have shown that they are not sufficient to cover investment needs. Governments should tap into all available funding sources and put in effect innovative and blended financing mechanisms to close the gap. 

Sub-session 1 : Water & climate finance talk (TED format) 


  • Keynote : Mainstreaming water in finance: Ms. Naoko Ishii, Executive Vice President and Director, Center for Global Commons, University of Tokyo and Commissioner of the Global Commission on the Economics of Water
  • Outcomes of Water Financing Roundtables: Beth Dunford (TBC), Vice President of the Agriculture, Human and Social Development Complex at the African Development Bank Group
  • Youth perspectives on financing water : Elizabeth Wathuti, (TBC) Green Climate Fund Youth Champion
  • Africa Water Investment Programme (AIP) Financing Sources Pyramid: Alex Simalabwi, Executive Secretary, and Director Africa Water Investment Programme High Level Panel Convenors’ Secretariat

Sub-session 2 : Facilitated discussion 


Three lead facilitators will intervene from the floor to share insights on blocks of financing sources and facilitate the debate around the main question “How to scale-up investments from these different sources”.  

Debate 1| Importance of mandatory disclosure and private sector involvement around the climate-water nexus.

Facilitated by Claire Elsdon, CDP Global Director Capital Markets,


Debate 2| Climate Risks and Opportunities in Water Management: Beyond Efficiency to Resilience.

Facilitated by John Matthews, AGWA


Debate 3| Water-Carbon Nexus: Leveraging Carbon Credits to Drive Sustainable Water Solutions for Smallholder Farmers in Eastern and Southern Africa

Facilitated by Sweeny Binsari, Solidaridad